Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bricking has progressed

I took some random pictues yesterday. Next step is the scaffoldings and roof :D
Good going foreman!

We had a serious discussion with our SS about the laundry side mistake. He was going to speak with the head supervisor and get back to us. Meanwhile the brickies have done a fantastic job. The bricks are Austral Witsunday's Brampton with off white mortar.

The alfresco :)

The butlar's pantry :D



  1. Hello there,
    I just found your blog and want to follow your build with great interest as Wisdom homes and Fowler homes (our builder) share the same designer and our land position is also sloping.

    I like your brick and I guess Wisdom are using very skillful brickers as Fowler recommended us to change Austral Witsunday to another brick. Fowler said such Austral Witsunday makes chips and inconsistent color....However, I see you are having very nice brick there!

    Can I ask you about your boundary fences as I saw your excavation dig very deep around the boundary fences. Do you have any concern for that boundary fences? We have almost the same situation and our neighbor expressed their concern about a possible collapse of the boundary fence so that we are thinking to build up the retaining wall now although it is more convenient for us to build the retaining wall after we move in the new house...

    Good luck with your build

    1. Hi Kiki,
      On one side of our boundary we have a 50 year old house. They already have a wooden wall. We have to do some retaining wall on that side though. I think the retaining wall will keep the fence on that side up. We have engineering retaining wall that side which are part of our approved plan.

      On the other side of our house, there is another new building going up. We have to do this diving wall after handover.

      Does this address your question?

  2. Hello MandS,

    Thanks so much for prompt reply to my question.

    Because in your picture, I think your excavation and our excavation did dig almost the same distance towards the boundary fence. My question is that in fact, did your excavation dig the soil very near by or underneath of the boundary fence? Do you have a concern about a possible fall down of the boundary fence as you excavated the basement dirt very nearby that boundary fence?

    I can't attach the image of our boundary fence area here. If you go to this link, you can see the picture of our boundary fence area...

    As you can see in that picture we are also having very old fence and our neighbors think the fence may fall down due to our excavation....

    1. I see your problem. Why was the land excavated so close to the fence?
      Ours is not so close. On the wood fence side of our plot, we have a 2.4m clearance and so we did not have to excavate very close to the neighbor's fence.

      I think one of your solutions is put the retaining wall now.